I'm Kira, Passionate, Ambitious, Forex Trader

Welcome to my world of forex trading! I’m Kira, a passionate and ambitious female forex trader with over seven years of experience in the dynamic and captivating forex market. Throughout my journey, I have continuously strived to improve myself and stay ahead of the competition, driven by my unwavering dedication to the financial markets and my deep understanding of the global economy.

Analyzing market trends and economic data has become second nature to me. I believe in making informed trading decisions based on a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. This comprehensive approach has allowed me to develop a strong understanding of various trading strategies and navigate the ever-changing forex landscape with confidence.

Breaking barriers and challenging the status quo is something I take great pride in. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I am determined to create opportunities for other women and empower them to pursue successful careers in forex trading. That’s why I founded the KiraForex Trading Academy, a platform that offers extensive education and mentorship to aspiring traders. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and supporting others in their journey towards financial independence.

My Courses

Become a professional and profitable financial trader and monetize your skills. KiraForex Trading Academy offers classes on how to trade the forex, cryptos and synthetics markets among many others through various channels including online trading platforms, brokers and financial institutions.

We are becoming the best innovative, educational and tech-enabled platform.

Our masterclasses are online, in class and private session courses, designed to help you learn at your convenience and at your own pace.

My Mentorship Program

We offer premium one-on-one mentorship specialized mentorship sessions. If you desire to get impressive results through different trading strategies and approaches to be consistently profitable, then we are the go-to mentor and the last mentor you will need to help you stay profitable in the financial markets.

My Team

I’m excited and motivated daily with my experienced young professionals, vibrant, energetic and committed team fuelled with the mandate to build a new generation of digital savvy professionals and entrepreneurs; and we are doing great on that and keep hiring great talents.

My Foundation

Time after time, I heed the inner drive to enhance lives. I hold the belief that I’m here to serve humanity as we all thrive to make the world a better place.

I have supported programs and social causes to better the lives of many youths across Ghana. Over the years, I have organized free business seminars on campuses and in the larger sphere as well as donated hundreds of gifts to individuals and organizations in Ghana.

To further the cause of empowering more lives positively, I launched The Kira Foundation in 2022.

Kira Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 2022 to enlighten, educate and empower individuals in Ghana and across Africa.

Kira Books

As an avid entrepreneur and financial trader, I share my experiences through books.

I’m a firm believer that the secrets of successful people are found in their books. Thus, my undying courage to create publications which keep inspiring many as a Chief Executive Officer who founded a successful business in her 20s.

My books are available on multiple platforms online for purchase.

Join my Community

I am the founder of Kira Forex Trading Academy with the vision to help individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond to enhance performance and profitability with leverage on the 21st century decentralized financial market.